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    Seed: $45 for 5 BOWLS - We Pick 'Em
    The seed program is designed only to add a minimal supplement of Whole Food, Plant-Based meals to your daily routine. Each week, the food is prepared in bulk and reflects the WFPB nutritional guidelines. This allows for the highest economic yield. (Not recommended for those with allergies.)
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    Sprout: $50 for 5 BOWLS - You Pick 'Em
    The Sprout Program offers more selection to customize your meal plan but still stays within a fairly strict budget. Great for supplementing your week with hearty, plant-based meals. (See order form.)
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    Garden: $20/plate
    The Garden is a customizable, menu plan for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You will work with the chef each week to develop a broad variety of nutritionally sound, gourmet plant-based food. Recommended for those looking to transition into a diet with little to no animal products.
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    Mother Nature: $350 for 5 days
    When you subscribe to Mother Nature, you will be provided with a complete lifestyle change: 5 days worth of WFPB meals to supplement Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. This is for those looking to drastically change their daily habits regarding diet and eating habits.
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    Allergen Conscious $55
    To ensure your safety, we offer a service to prevent cross-contamination with allergens. Contact us for more details and to help us serve you in the best way possible.
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    A la Carte
    This is a special menu for higher end dishes. Click the button below for more information.
A la Carte

Ordering Information 

Meal Share Program 

Currently, all food is prepared on Saturday to be picked up or delivered on Sunday. Therefore, orders must be placed by Thursday at Midnight. If you would like to place an order after this time. There will be a $10 fee added to your order. Orders not picked up will still be charged and food will be donated.
Indianapolis suffers from a lack of access to healthy food in many areas. Customers who purchase a "Seed" or "Sprout" program immediately provide 2 meals for free for the greater community in need. Contact for more information.