What WFPB Means for You 

100% Organic and Local (when available) produce broken down only once it reaches your home; providing the highest nutrient value each meal.

Each food provides a different vessel for nutrients. When you strip away the "whole" for just the nutrients, the value for your body depreciates.

Whole foods provide necessary fiber for our body to work properly. By adding more WFPB meals to your diet, you protect your body from disease at a much higher level.

Become Whole Again 
We are plagued with convenience and time-saving methods that seem to only take us further away from the daily peace for which we continually strive.
Bringing one's diet back to a more natural, holistic, and process-free environment recalls advice passed down the generations of apothecaries and medicinal practice through plants. 
There can be no absolute claim about the benefits of WFPB eating, nor a promise for curing or even treating the diseases that run rampant in our world. However, making the choice to put your body first and choosing to take care of it through what you eat will, at the very least, provide a way to ground yourself and realign the priorities of each day. Put yourself first.
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